11/23(祝)_Create a Balance between body, breath and mind WS by Mukesh Thapliyal

私の親愛なるヨギーの皆様へ (* English below ) 







講師_Mukesh Thapliyal 
日時_11月23日(祝日) 16:00~18:30 
料金_ ¥5,000 (or 10回券2回分)
ご予約+お申込み [email protected] 

My dear yogis, to find our purpose in life we must go on a journey of self discovery. However it can be hard to discover oneself due to lack of good guidance and true knowledge. As you know there are many things to be gained through yoga practice such as a healthy body, deep breathing, a balanced mind and so on. However creating a healthy body, breath and mind should not be an end in itself but rather a way that we can be more supportive and beneficial to others. 

I would like to start this auspicious workshop with mantra chanting in order to create a divine atmosphere, then talk a little about philosophy of life. After that asana practice will start by stretching the physical muscles in order for us to become more physically charged.

Of course anyone who is dedicated and interested in yoga practice can join this workshop without any hesitation. It doesn't matter if you are stiff or flexible, beginner or advanced. 

Let us gather together to chant to mantras, listen to philosophy and activate our bodies, breath and minds.

If you have any special requests for practice, please let me know before we start the class.