11/23(祝)15:00~18:00 アーサナ & バクティ ワークショップ by Mukesh & Padmini


アーサナ & バクティ ワークショップ by Mukesh & Padmini







講師_Mukesh + Padmini 

日時_11/23 (祝)15:00~18:00

料金_¥5,500 (FA TTC生 ¥4,000 / 10回券 2回分)

お申し込み_[email protected] 


Bhakti Workshop. ( By Mukesh Ji and Padmini Ji )

"Bhakti means devotion. Devotion means dedication and dedication means perfect trust. As we know this body has many points of energy and concentration through which we can increase spiritual energy flow and positive vibrations within ourselves.
If Bhakti dwells within you this universe will become a temple and heaven for you.
During asana practice we will teach you both physical and mental alignment. We need to be remember that this body and mind are divine gifts and to please increase Bhakti and surrender to it. Definitely your life will become a divine life.
The workshop will start with mantra chanting and yoga philosophy.