9/26 (木) 太陽礼拝と太陽マントラ WS by Mukesh






講師_Mukesh Thapliyal

日時_9/26 (木) 10:00~12:30 

料金_¥5,500 ( TTC 生¥4,000 /10回券2回分)


*Text をお配りしますので、WS2日前位までにご予約される事をお勧めします。


Sun Salutation with Sun Mantra

Sun rise and sun set has been happening on the Earth since the beginning of time. The same sun rises and spreads it's energy with the light and calm energy when it goes down. These are the gifts that we receive from the Sun.
Now let us pay attention and have appreciation for the Sun. The Sun gives you the same energy whether we appreciate it or not. The Sun always remains there for us. The contribution of the Sun does not depend upon us. This is real spirituality.
So many children are born on the Earth every day and many people die too but only a very few people live forever in the memory of the people because of their contribution to the universe, their work and their energy etc. In this way these people are also like the Sun.
In this workshop we will focus on the Sun Salutation and combine this with the Sun Mantra to realise perfect vibrations from toes to the top of the head.
The Sun Salutation will make you strong physically but at the same time the Sun Mantra chanting will make you peaceful and calm internally.